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Welcome to the official website of mandolin player Eddie Lightner! Eddie is a songwriter and mandolin player, having been playing since 2002. He has performed with some of the best in bluegrass and folk music, and has been featured on numerous albums and recordings. Eddie is a passionate musician who loves to share his music with others. On this website, you can find out more about Eddie, listen to his music, see upcoming tour dates and even book him for a performances


"Eddie Lightner's Debut Album 'Notes of Life': A Humbled Ode to Bluegrass Brilliance"

In the serene heartland of Winchester, Virginia, a musical masterpiece was birthed at Red and Murphy Henry's studio. This debut album, titled 'Notes of Life,' is a testament to the timeless allure of bluegrass, humbling all who listen with its transcendent melodies and harmonious collaborations. Eddie Lightner, the maestro behind this opus, weaves a tapestry of original tunes that uplift the soul, and the album's assembly of talents is nothing short of extraordinary.

Recorded under the meticulous supervision of Christopher Henry, 'Notes of Life' boasts an ensemble of exceptional artists. Eddie Lightner's virtuosity on the mandolin and enchanting vocals sets the tone for the entire album. Gina Furtado's banjo expertise adds a layer of complexity, while her sister, Malia Furtado, invokes magic with her fiddle. The enchanting melodies from Matthew Zuckerman's Dobro, Chris Blauciak's rhythmic upright bass, and the nimble guitar work by Christopher Henry complete this dream team of bluegrass.

One of the album's most enthralling highlights is the exquisite harmony shared by the Furtado sisters. Their voices blend like honey and add a unique dimension to the album, making it an unforgettable listening experience. The way they seamlessly complement each other, shifting from high, lonesome tones to rich, soulful harmonies, is a testament to their musical chemistry and shared passion for bluegrass.

Eddie Lightner's original compositions on 'Notes of Life' stand out as beacons of inspiration. These tunes carry the power to uplift spirits and touch the heart. With a deep reverence for the genre, Lightner captures the essence of life, love, and the journey in his lyrics. His melodies draw listeners into a world where bluegrass meets emotion, and the result is nothing short of magical.

Each track on 'Notes of Life' takes the listener on a unique journey, exploring themes of love, hope, and the timeless beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Songs like "Whispering Pines" and "Rollin' On" showcase Eddie Lightner's lyrical prowess, while "Appalachian Lullaby" tugs at the heartstrings with its heartfelt and evocative storytelling.

The studio recording at Red and Murphy Henry's studio in Winchester, Virginia, adds to the authenticity of the album. The studio's rustic charm and cozy atmosphere create the ideal backdrop for these soul-stirring bluegrass compositions. The ambiance enhances the album's warmth and captures the essence of a live performance, making the listener feel like they're sitting right there in the studio.

'Notes of Life' is not just an album; it's a musical odyssey through the heartland of bluegrass, carried by the humbling talents of Eddie Lightner and his extraordinary collaborators. The Furtado sisters' harmonies, Lightner's soulful compositions, and the incredible instrumental prowess of the supporting cast make this album a cherished gem in the world of bluegrass. Eddie Lightner's debut album is more than just notes on paper; it's a vibrant celebration of life and love, a humbling testament to the enduring spirit of bluegrass music.

New Song

“No Breaks”

It was 420 on a Thursday on the eastern side of town

I was headed home from a dealer friend that was helping me with the get down

When someone stopped suddenly in the canyon down below that when I notice I had no breaks had to downshift to try to slow

Rolling with no breaks I’m surely going to die

Rolling with no breaks and feeling really high

Rolling with no breaks to the canyon down below

Rolling with no breaks and feeling out of control

I held tight for the first one and squeezed right in between

Then I wheeled left all so hard just trying to escape the scene

Then straightened her up for the middle lane toward the narrow open road

Praising God up above to guide me safely home

Rolling with no breaks I’m surely going to die

Rolling with no breaks and feeling really high

Rolling with no breaks to the canyon down below

Rolling with no breaks and feeling out of control

I was shaken by near tragedy and happy to be alive

Lovin” all my love-one an friends and grateful to survive

I never forget what happen that day in the canyon down below

But Ill be checkin the breaks before the next time we go

Rolling with no breaks I’m surely going to die

Rolling with no breaks and feeling really high

Rolling with no breaks to the canyon down below

Rolling with no breaks and feeling out of control

yes feeling out of control

feeling out of control

feeling out of control


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Story of the the logo. “ I was playing my mandolin on the deck at my house in Crown Point San Diego when a hummingbird landed next to me.  I was playing the tune “Daybreak in Dixie.” He was not scared and stayed until I finished playing the tune. Then he flew off returning shortly after for another tune. I was working with a graphic artist that day and I told him about my experience and this is what he came up with. Incuding the ‘Scott Carey” lightning bolt thats in the headstock of my mandolin.”

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